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Going fishing should be a simple thing, and figuring out how much it’s going to cost shouldn’t look like a grade 11 math test. So we have made it easier to ¬†figure out how to get to the fishing faster, simply take the price quoted here, add the taxes and buy a licence.

All prices are quoted in US $. If you would like a quote in CA$ or another currency, based on current exchange rates, feel free to email us.

A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required per person.

You are responsible for accommodations and boats reserved unless cancelled 60 days prior to arrival.


Cabins Only

Comfortably furnished modern cabins including fully equipped kitchen and full modern bathrooms. Based on a minimum of 4 persons per cabin. See our Accommodations here.

Cabins only Starting @ US $525.00 per person per week. with a minimum 4 fishermen (7 Days, 6 Nights)

(PLUS taxes and fishing Licences)

Cabins & Meals

Skip the cooking and cleaning and join us for meals up at the lodge. Bring your own boat! We have all dock and ramp facilities for your boat at no extra cost, as well as full gas facilities dockside at competitive prices.

Cabins & Meals…US $175.00 per day/person

(PLUS taxes and fishing Licences)

Cabins, Meals & Boats

Comfortable surroundings, home-cooked meals, and the use of our fully equipped boats fully gassed and ready to go. Check out our boats here.

Cabins, Meals, Boats w/gas…US $ 225.00 per day/person

(PLUS taxes and fishing Licences)